Known for his sharp and detail-oriented style, Dado Castello Branco is an extremely thorough and attentive architect.As such, he always looks for the perfect balance between comfort and sophistication in his projects, transforming luxurious environments into extremely functional spaces. Dado graduated in architecture and urban planning in 1993, having completed his studies at Faculdade de Belas Artes de São Paulo, one of Brazil's most prestigious architecture schools, having obtained his specialization from the École Speciale d'Architecture, in Paris, France. Thanks to his +20 years of professional experience, Dado currently focuses his practice on two markets: corporate projects and luxury homes. One of Dado's main priorities is to always understand his clients needs and desires, which are taken into account from day one of every new project.

"Mind behind the balance and comfort-oriented design"

-Homero Marcande

TV Show Casa Brasileira - Architecture

Ep 02. Dado Castello Branco
The Essence of Comfort

2015, Editora Tempo

Seven approaches on Dado Castello Branco's work, illustrated by acclaimed photographers, including testimonials of his leading work partners and clients. From the perfect blend between interior and exterior design to the keen choice of materials and colors, to the importance of preserving client memorabilia and the pursuit of new works of art, this book is a 400-page compilation of pictures of highly sophisticated environments.